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Italian Transcreation

por John Marsh (2019-06-01)

Transcreation: the last frontier of translation. Just as impossible to automate as creating a work of art or eliciting an emotion. The transcreation process is successful when it uses free, creative expression and the power to change words, grammar and syntaxis to effectively convey a message from one language to another while maintaining its essence, sound, context and purpose. Carlotta Acme is an expert in the process of transcreation and is in effect a cultural mediator skilled in successfully conveying your content to the target it is meant for, making sure it will be just as meaningful and impactful as the original.

The problem of translating an untranslatable text – a problem akin to translating poetry – is mainly related to the mysterious workings of the machine of creation and how it can be taken apart and reassembled. This is italian transcreation : it’s about reproducing that same fragile, apparently intangible beauty in another language. This process requires mercilessly vivisecting and gutting a text, then bringing it back to life in the body of a new language. If poetry is the art of speaking the unspeakable, then Italian transcreation should be seen as the art of the impossible. Carlotta Acme is matchless in producing a parallel text where the level of inventiveness transcends the actual meaning.

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