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Nile Cruises - Cheap Family Holidays in Egypt

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Choose your dream Nile cruise aboard a fleet of luxurious Nile cruise ships that sail the mighty Nile in the historic land of Egypt, through the ancient monuments and down the beautiful Nile into the Red Sea. Take your cruise along the renowned Nile from its sources in Upper Egypt up through the delta to the delta of the river in Karnataka. You can also take a luxury river cruise that departs from the port of Cairo and head towards the southern tip of Africa. This part of Nile Cruise is best suited for a full holiday package with many sightseeing and destinations to choose from.

Choose your ideal cruise by looking at an online travel agency. There are many options like luxury river cruise hot deals, economy Nile cruise, heritage Nile cruise and deluxe Nile cruise. Luxury Nile cruise is ideal for couples and families where children can have fun on the river with their friends. There are many activities onboard such as spa treatments, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, wind surfing, diving and many other fun-filled programs. The cruise offers different types of food and wine to enhance your experience.

There are seven nights and five nights Egypt cruises from Cairo and Luxor, with all inclusive cruises packages. Luxor tours start from Cairo and take passengers through the famous landmarks of Egypt such as the Pyramids of Giza, Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings. There are many night cruises that offer delicious cuisines and drinks. Cairo and Luxor also witness the beauty of the Nile delta, which is home to diverse wildlife. At night, the landscape becomes very magical and romantic.

Nile cruise is ideal to spend a few days if you are visiting Egypt. You can stay at Cairo or Luxor hotels, where you will be taken care of during your Nile cruises. Usually, the cruise boats leave from Cairo port. If you are visiting Egypt during the time of the summer, you can go to Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada to visit the ancient site of St. Catherine's Monastery. You can also visit the many other monasteries in Egypt.

When you embark on your Nile river cruise, you will witness many attractions that include places like Aswan, Coptic Church, Egyptian Museum, and the Royal Tombs. The cruise boat docks at different ports of Egypt. These include Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria, Hurghada, etc. You can choose your destination as per your liking. Usually, you will spend a day to overnight in Luxor or Alexandria.

Generally, Nile river cruises vacation vary from three to five days. This depends on the Nile levels as well as the weather. Generally, the temperature is moderate during the morning and evening. The daytime is very hot, while in the evening the temperatures vary from mildly cold to hot. In addition, the winds in Egypt are generally moderate. This makes the climate comfortable for tourists.

Generally, the cheapest Nile cruise ticket deals include the ones with an excursion on Sharm-el Sheikh. This cruise departs from the Aswan cruise terminal. Sharm el Sheikh is the capital of Egypt and a popular tourist destination. During your Nile cruise vacation, you will have an opportunity to visit numerous attractions, including the famous Pyramids of Giza as well as the ancient temples of Luxor. Some of the popular temples on the Nile include Karnak Temples, Karnak Menara, and the Valley of the Kings.

Besides visiting the popular sites on the Nile, the Aswan cruise also takes you to the ancient capital of Cairo. The beautiful Pyramids of Giza as well as the Egyptian Museum of Cairo are worth visiting. On the other hand, a Luxor cruise will take you to Luxor. This is the archeological site of ancient times that attracts millions of tourists each year. Therefore, a Nile cruise and a Luxor cruise are not bad options if you are looking for a cheap holiday deals in Egypt.