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Richard Davis

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When you have to tighten screws or to build a table on your own, there is no doubt that the first thing coming to your mind will be the impact wrench. Needless to say, the famous brand in producing such a high quality and easy to handle product is Dewalt. Here, in Geariz, we introduce to you two of our best sellers: DCF889M2 and DCF880HM2. So, let’s take a look and find out their differences.

First and foremost, our website shows you some mechanical statistics of DCF889M2, from which the analysis is displayed. Here, we analyze in terms of specific criteria a user needs: warranty, battery life, and so on. Also, we provide you with the price, which is attached with a link to Amazon so that you can have a better understanding of the product you are going to purchase. By having access to that link, you will know whether your budget allows you to buy this wrench or not.

Likewise, with DCF880HM2, same numbers are shown. Below these analysists, our website indicates the pros and cons of each product, and the decisions are yours. If you are not happy with these two mentioned above products, that’s fine. We have thousands of other articles that are of great help to customers. What we aim at is not only a useful website but also a trustworthy assistant. Whenever you have any problems, type them on the searching tool. Nothing is unsolved with our website. Enjoy your shopping time with Geariz.com. We hope you can find the most suitable assistant here.

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