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A taxonomic revision of recognized argentine species of the leiosauridae genus Diplolaemus (Reptilia, Squamata, Leiosauridae)

José M. Cei, José A. Scolaro, Fernando Videla
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A careful analysis of the up to date inadequate taxonomy of the few species of the leiosaurine genus Diplolaemus was attempted. The problematic “alto-patagonicus” or “mendocine” populations from Chubut province to Mendoza province were recognized as a new species named Diplolaemus sexcinctus by their characteristic dorsal color pattern. Morphological differences between the new northernmost Diplolaemus species and Diplolaemus bibronii, as well as Diplolaemus darwinii, were analyzed and discussed. The unsolved relationships between D. sexcinctus and the Chilean taxon Diplolaemus leopardinus were considered, and a necessary further research, supported by binational cooperation, was pointed out, taking into account the use of bio-molecular methods of comparative analysis.

Palabras clave

Diplolaemus; Especiation; Leiosaurine line