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Specific supraocular scutellation patterns as significant diagnostic characters: a taxonomic inter and intrageneric "finger-print" in lacertilia

José M. Cei
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The specificity of the supraocular patterns in lacertilian is recognized and analysed. Inter and intrageneric specific differences in lizards belonging to families of Iguania as Leiosauridae, Tropiduridae, Liolaemidae are pointed out. A significant comparison with the very different supraocular scutellations of teiid genera Dicrodon and Kentropyx is carried out. The suitable diagnostic use of this morphological trend of systematic value is put in evidence. Its peculiar structure and unquestionable specificity give to it a physiognomy of some unusual kind of herpetological “finger-print”.

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Specific pattern; Lacertilia; Scutellation