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Rectificación taxonómica y nomenclatural del presente status del taxon Liolaemus melanops Burmeister 1888

José M. Cei, J. Alejandro Scolaro
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The real status of the localised Liolaemus melanops Burmeister 1888 from Quelé Curá, Chubut, on the basis of its rediscovered original type, previously given as lost, is established. A reconsideration of the population units included in a general taxon “melanops”, is carried out. The formerly synonymized Liolaemus goetschi Müller & Hellmich 1938 from Río Negro sandy habitats is revalidated as separated species from L. melanops.

Palabras clave

Liolaemus melanops; Rectificación taxonómica; Nomenclatura

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30972/fac.1905555