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Information about Windows 11

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Based on that change in habits, Microsoft saw that Windows 10 needed to be overhauled. The overhaul includes a simplification of the design and several other changes to improve the user experience. Then there's the modern, clean, and beautiful Windows 11.

Windows 11 and its New Trinkets
It's not a new name if a product has exactly the same features as its predecessor. Likewise with Windows 11 which contains many innovative changes. Here is something new and a refresher for Windows 11.


As mentioned in the point of view, Microsoft is trying to simplify the design of Windows 11. This simplification means that Windows 11 can be used as much as the user wants. One example is the ability to open apps side-by-side.

Microsoft also introduced Snap Layouts and Snap Groups and Desktop to support your multitasking activities, without having to lose focus on one of the applications currently open. You can split the screen by three large sizes and two small sizes and so on.

For Snap Group and Desktop, this feature allows you to create multiple desktops. For example, a specific desktop for work, a desktop for playing games, and a desktop for college. This is one of Microsoft's simple efforts to make Windows simpler and more flexible to use.

Apart from that, you are also treated to a new icon, sound, font, start button and taskbar. The changes that appear at first glance are, of course, the shape of the button and its position on the taskbar. Yes, the flat start button is now shifted to the middle.

Mozbue #1 tech news portal - You might find it a little awkward because Microsoft has always placed a button in the lower left corner. In fact, in the past, Microsoft once removed the start button in Windows 8 which was finally protested and returned again in Windows 8.1.

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