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How to know the meaning of a song

Usuario anónimo (2023-01-25)

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The song and the lyrics are something that humans often hear. What makes a song interesting? How do we choose the song we will listen to at this time? Maybe some people have their own preferences and patterns of choice. Starting from favorite artists, genres that are comfortable to listen to, or songs chosen because of feeling the same fate as the singer. Lyrics and melodies that have specific aims and objectives can be said to be symbols.

In fact, the emotions we are feeling certainly affect our lives. Likewise when we listen to songs. For example, when we are happy we tend to choose upbeat songs. Meanwhile, when we are sad, we tend to choose songs that seem "upset". In fact, how did this happen? What makes listeners feel like the song fits their mood?

Meaning songs - This happens because every song has a magic effect that is contained either explicitly or implicitly. The letter is shown through the lyrics and melody that describe the story of the song. For example, lullabies are rarely found in the rock genre and always use soothing lyrics. While the magic effect that is written can usually only be understood when we listen to the song carefully.

For example, in the song “Tarian Pemmash Raya” by the band feast, they use lyrics that are full of figures of speech and can have multiple interpretations such as “Local wisdom that is silenced, deaf to those who study nature, suffocated to death in the middle of the night.” Which means reminding again that it is not only the environment that is threatened with its existence, but also local culture, such as dances that are characteristic of the archipelago.

As a singer, it's important to be able to convey the feelings of the songs they sing. Music and songs can bring a person into another dimension. Why is that?

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