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What is an eBook?

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Practical and easy to carry
Well, this advantage is also most felt by digital book users. Conventional books take up enough space in a bag when carried everywhere. Conventional books are also heavy, especially if more than one is carried. Meanwhile the ebook is quite concise.

You only need to store digital books on your laptop or smartphone. You can store as many digital books as needed on one laptop or smartphone. This portability makes ebooks likable.

One more advantage of ebooks is their durability. Conventional books made of paper are more easily damaged if they are not cared for properly. Chances are it could be torn, wet, eaten by termites, the color is worn out. Within a few years after purchase, conventional books sometimes do not last long because they are easily damaged.

Ebooks are just the opposite. As long as you keep it, the possibility of damage is non-existent. The problem that usually arises is that digital book data is lost, for example accidentally or where the ebook is stored is attacked by a virus.

Disadvantages of Ebooks
free download pdf - After discussing the advantages, now we will discuss what are the disadvantages of ebooks. Nothing is perfect. Each thing brings its own advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages of digital books include:

Requires an electronic device
If you don't have an electronic device, you can't access the ebook. The use of digital books needs to be supported by electronic devices. Then the ability to operate the electronic device is also required. So in conclusion, you need to make sure there are these supporting factors.

This deficiency can cause problems. Instead of solving the problem of difficulty getting readings, ebooks make it even more difficult for people to get knowledge because not all levels of society have electronic devices. That's why it's important to meet the availability of electronic devices before using an ebook.

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