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What is VPN? How It Works

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Securing data on public networks
When you use free Wi-Fi at school, campus, or other public networks, your personal data is indirectly connected to other people who use the network.

A VPN can help secure your device and data from data theft threats while on a public network.

Encrypt data
When you use a VPN, all your personal data will be encrypted. Encryption is the process of disguising data into random numbers and letters so that it cannot be read directly.

To read the data, an encryption key is needed so that only certain parties can read your data.

Access regional content
Regional content is usually only available to users located in that region. With a VPN, you can set your location to different regions to access the region's regional content.

For example, Netflix provides different TV series and movies for each country. If you use a VPN, you can access content that is not available in Indonesia.

Types of VPNs
Actually, there are different types of VPNs out there. The following are the three main types of VPNs:

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SSL VPN is a type of VPN that is often used by companies to facilitate their employees in accessing company computer data using personal devices. With SSL VPN, employees can access data on company computers using their own devices such as laptops, tablets or cellphones.

SSL VPN type VPN services are implemented through the appropriate hardware box. To do so, there is a main requirement that is a browser that is capable of HTML-5. HTML-5 browser is actually available for almost all operating systems. Access used is also maintained using a username and password.

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