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How to Choose the Best Printer for You

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Tips for Choosing the Best Printer According to Your Needs

Tips for choosing the best printer according to your needs and some reviews

The printer itself was first discovered in the 80s, which was a substitute for a typewriter which had undergone many changes, starting from the type and technology used.

If at first the printer took a long time to print documents, and could only use black and white ink, now, printers can print very quickly, can even print documents with images and colors that are very sharp and good.

Currently the type of printer used already has many complementary features, here are some of the features that can be obtained in a printer:

Features print color photos up to large size.
Prints quickly (on a laser jet printer).
The function of scanning or scanning documents.
Wireless printers.
Portable printers.
Mini Printer (for paper sizes less than A4).
These are some of the complementary features of printers that are currently still being developed, especially in terms of printing speed, sharpness of printouts, and also more efficient use of ink or cards.

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Ask about the durability of the printer
As a consumer, you also don't need to be embarrassed to ask about the longevity range of the printer you are going to buy. Because there are some printers that break down quickly, the damage usually lies in the cartridge which is not durable and the price of the cartridge is more expensive than the printer itself.

Better yet, consult customer service or an experienced salesperson first for feedback from sales.

Pay Attention to Services From Sales
Sales or someone who serves your purchase, you should be careful with sales that only sell goods and don't receive various complaints since the goods are received. For those of you who want to buy a printer, it's best to get to know the store first and see the extra offers that are given to you.

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