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Font recommendations that you can use

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Daniel Davis
If you want to use a typeface that is very appropriate to be used as an official invitation, then the answer is Daniel Davis. This type of font is a modern type of font, you know. If you use this font, later you can make a more elegant impression.

For example, you want to make a birthday invitation, you can use this font. By using a combination of these fonts, it will make the invitation better and attractive, of course. Anyway, in Daniel Davis, symbols, numerical ordinals and others will also be available

This quirky or cute type of writing is called StarBorn. With this type of writing, later you will be able to make the font that you have attractive, you know. It is very suitable for stickers or banners. If you use this StarBorn, it can make anything look cuter, you know.

However, this type of font will not be able to give you complete symbols. Because there are only a few symbols owned by the StarBorn font.

For those of you who really want to use a font with a thin type, then later you will be able to use a type called Love. With a font called Love, it will make the work you create cooler and also aesthetic, you know.

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Later in this font, the letter o will be changed in shape with the addition of a heart symbol in it. So, like a donut shape later. Not only letters, this font will provide cool numbers. You can also use various types of symbols that exist, you know.

Ghastly Panic
If you want to use a really unique font, then you can use this Ghastly Panic font type. With this thin and long font, it will give the impression of horror writing, you know. It is perfect for those of you who like writing models like that.

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