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por Ashlee Harris (2022-11-10)

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The Dinosaur Game is an exact copy of the offline version of the Chrome browser's secret game, which is only accessible when the user is disconnected from the internet. To begin, press the key labeled with a "space bar." To make the dinosaur jump, press the "space bar" key or the "up arrow" key on your keyboard. To make the dinosaur duck, press the "down arrow" key on your keyboard.

Every person who uses the internet has, at some point, experienced a moment when their connection was lost. This might be due to a number of factors, such as a malfunction in the cellphone network or a cable problem with the internet service provider. Nevertheless, when there is no internet connection, users of Google Chrome see the Dino game instead of a standard blank error page. This occurs regardless of the reason for the mistake. This game may be played without an internet connection.

Even if the game is nothing more than a simple runner that is integrated into the Google Chrome browser, the developers who were responsible for making it nevertheless deserve a round of applause for their efforts. The game is made even better by the odd monochrome visuals and the simplicity, and ever since it was released, it has amassed a large number of admirers all over the world.

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