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"5pillarsofislam" (2023-01-03)

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5 pillars of islamThe pillars of Islam are the five key worshipping practices named “pillars” which hold up the faith of a Muslim just like pillars hold up building. Obviously, a building does not have only one pillar, and so is the case with Islam, as worshipping Allah (God) has many means other than the five pillars, but the five pillars establish the road for the journey of spiritual growth, commitment, and closeness to Allah.prophets in islamThis article briefly discusses the Messengers and Prophets in Islam. It starts by clarifying the true meaning of Islam and showing Islam is the universal message of all prophets. We will also answer some of the most commonly asked questions: How many prophets are there in Islam? Who was the first prophet in Islam? What is the difference between a prophet and a messenger? The chronological order of the Prophets in Islam, the Common Prophets between Islam and Christianity, and last but not least, Why God sent many prophets?islam is the religion of all prophetsThis article is dedicated to answering the question: Which religion came first in the world? To reply to that question, we will first discuss different religions and beliefs such as Paganism, Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism. Then, we will briefly clarify the concept of Islam and its core. We aim at doing a brief comparative study between Islam and other religions to objectively decide which religion came first in the world and which was the first monotheistic religionwho is the true godIn This article, we will discuss who is the real and true God . We will clarify the attributes of a true God and mention the most popular worshipped Gods in the world. The article will review the attributes of these Gods objectively as believed by their original followers. It will also answer the most commonly asked critical questions regarding this topic.hadith collectionHadith Collection And Authentication is a modern-time obsession. We all worry about the forgery of money, credit cards, legal papers, and even falsified research methods and conclusions. We doubt everything nowadays. So, how can we be sure that anything is real? What can lead us to certainty and conviction?To be certain of anything we must be convinced of its authenticity, and that it has not been altered or tampered with. why did allah favour bani israelLet me tell you my own experience … While I read Qur’an (the last divine book), I find the children of Israel are the most mentioned people in Qur’an. So I start to wonder what did they really do to be mentioned in Qur’an a lot? how many versions of the quran are thereInteresting issue, isn’t it?  The claim of the “Quran being the most authentic book in the world”, the idea of the Quran being “The only unaltered divine message now” and that Quran is “The last authentic revelation from God”, all are defied. So, to resolve this once and for all, we need to discuss several controversial ideas.is breeding cats haramBreeding animals is very common in all societies around the world, some people are closer to their pets than humans. With this fact in mind, a lot of rumors are being spread about what Islam says about animals, so in this article, you will understand the whole picture by reading the most 5 asked questions about breeding animals in Islam responded in detail.  kindness to animals in quranAll creatures are of nations and communities as those of man, each has its own nature, instinct, order, laws and language.They all have their own forms of worship of Allah Almighty (pray, prostrate, praise and exalt Him) but we as humans do not comprehend them.Being subjected to man does not entitle him to be cruel towards them.Harmony in the world is the divine will of Allah. It is only disrupted by ill behaviors of man straying away from the righteous path revealed to Prophet Muhammad in the last divine message of God to humanity “The Quran”.what is islamIslam is the same message that all Messengers from the beginning of time have been teaching.ExploreislamIslam is NOT a new religion. Actually, all Messengers from Adam, Noah, and Abraham, to Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad were Muslims, in submission to their Creator who sent them.kalimah shahadahShahadah in Islam is your gate to becoming a Muslim. Religions around the world differ in what they ask of you in order to be accepted by them. Some have rituals, initiations, or baptisms, while others are even exclusive, and only certain races can be part of them. Islam is nothing like that. To believe the truth, one simply needs to declare that he believes the truth. That is The Shahadah, the words by which anyone can become a Muslim. how to become a muslimFirst of all, yes! Any and every one can embrace Islam and become a Muslim at any time, whatever his/ her previous religious or culture background. Islam is for all, literally!Great! Now, what does it take to become a Muslim?Only few things, not to do, but to believe in!These things summarise the unique aspects of the Islamic faith that differentiate it and make it compatible with common sense. christmas historyThe history of Christmas and whether it is a pagan holiday is a wild topic that we will discuss here. If you have a mild temperament and are sensitive by nature, this article is not for you. We will be discussing many emotional ideas, so don’t stress yourself if you can’t take it. However, if you can, this is going to be an interesting trip, so ride along!is celebrating christmas haramLet’s discuss the Islam And Christmas hot topic. As someone concerned with searching for the truth of matters, especially the strangest ones, Santa Claus was a rich subject for me to satisfy my desire. I kept reading, especially from Christian sources, about Christmas, its origin, and Santa Claus, till I came to this conclusion: Santa is coming with Islam this year!Who is the author of the QuranThe Qur’an is a holy book that was revealed 14 centuries ago. Muslims believe that the Quran is the final revelation from Allah (the Arabic name for The Only One God) and that it was sent to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a guidance for humanity. muhammad the prophet of islamWhilst Islam critics have been trying for years to prove Prophet Muhammad made up the Qur’an from himself, it is still one of the tough topics that hinder their purposes. However, the Qur’an itself is a piece of clear evidence that proves Muhammad could not make up the Quran.  https://explore-islam.com/

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