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Online Quran classes for kidsAs it’s obvious learning Quran is an essential task for every Muslim. And you can learn the Quran online quickly as it’s proven that online learning can help students to retain between 25% and 60% more information.so you have no excuse to delay it more because online Quran classes for beginners are available now more than before.Learn Quran online with tajweedTajweed or tajwid is derived from an Arabic word (تَجْوِيدْ‎) which means to enhance the style or to make something outstanding. In context with the recitation of the Quran Tajweed means a set of linguistic rules that if followed will resemble the recitation exactly to how it was recited in the times of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. The pronunciation rules are itself derived from the oral recitation of the Quran by the Prophet (PBUH) himself on various occasions.Tajweed For kidsThe word tajweed is a derivative of “Jawdah”, which means “Quality’, and tajweed means “proficiency” or “mastery” at reciting the Quran. It is a set of rules that will help you learn how to recite the Quran in the manner recited by the Prophet (PBUH). The meaning of tajweed as terminology is an Islamic science based on using recitation rules.Ijazah CourseDo you wish to get the highest-known certificate in the Quran? Here’s your opportunity! Online Quran Course Academy is an Online Quran teaching platform and one of the best Ijazah course websites. We offer you the best guide to getting an Ijazah online.In this article, we will discuss the Ijazah certificate from a to z. We will cover the most important aspects of the Ijazah, its meaning, its types, steps, and prerequisites. Moreover, we will answer your commonly asked questions in a simple way.quran memorization onlineUnlike many other faiths, Islam actually encourages the active study of its own liturgical language. In fact, in order to perform the most basic ritual of salah, it is necessary to at least have memorized a few portions of the Noble Qur’an. Additionally, there are many benefits (both spiritual, emotional, and cognitive) to actively memorizing and reciting the Qur’an in the original Arabic. Muslims who attempt to memorize portions of the Noble Qur’an tend to take much longer than usual, simply because they do not implement the following techniques to aid their study process. This article will equip the reader with a few helpful techniques that will greatly improve their retention.Learn Arabic for kidsThe subject of teaching Arabic language is often raised in bilingual families where one of the parents is an Arabic speaker (which is our case) and / or in Arabic-speaking families who are living abroad and wishing to teach their mother tongue to their children. In both cases, parents must be ready and determined to complete this challenge.Learn Arabic OnlineAs you know, there are linguists and scholars who have spent years perfecting effective teaching methods for language teaching. And, you see, why kill years of your life spinning around and trying to reinvent the wheel when you can save a phenomenal amount of time using a method that has already been proven, don’t you agree? This is why choosing the right didactic strategy is the key to learning Arabic in record time.  MSA CourseIf you are thinking of learning Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), then you are definitely in the right place! Here is all you need to know about Modern Standard Arabic.In this article, we will shed light on learning Arabic as a foreign language, as regards the different types of Arabic, the definition of MSA, how long it takes to learn it, how challenging it is, and the best MSA learning practices and techniques.islamic courses onlineWhen you have a sincere desire to discover how to learn Islam step by step, only then will you find the true meaning of your life, and you will know a lot about the ingenious Creator of this universe. Only then will you begin to walk towards the source of light, awareness, and inspiration and realize how you can discover your inner light through the teachings of Islam. Through this guide, we will learn how to learn Islam step by step facilely.arabic learning programsYou’ll find a wide variety of lesson topics in 8 major dialects. Lessons range from absolute basics – e.g. ‘how to say hello in Tunisian Arabic’ to very advanced and specific – e.g. ‘getting your plumbing fixed in Jordanian Arabic’. New content is constantly rolled out in different dialects, which usually includes either a video (interactive subtitles recently added), audio podcast, vocab, transcripts and lesson notes.noorani qaida courseIf you are interested in Quran and Arabic learning, you’ve probably come across the term Noorani Qaida. In this article, we will discuss the Qaidah Nooraniyah course for kids and adults. We clarify its meaning and answer the frequently asked questions concerning this course.https://quranhouse.online/blog/

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