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criminal attorney

"criminal attorney" (2023-01-15)

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criminal attorney Kohn & Yager LLC is a criminal defense law firm that serves clients facing criminal charges throughout the State of Georgia. Our GA offices are located in Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Atlanta, and Marietta. Our legal practice areas include DUI, hit and run GA, domestic violence defense, shoplifting, reckless driving GA, vehicular homicide, serious injury by vehicle, simple assault, aggravated assault and both simple battery and aggravated battery charges. Expungement of prior convictions is also a criminal law practice area we cover. Plus, our criminal lawyers near me handle many gun crimes and illegal possession of firearms offenses, juvenile crimes, theft cases, traffic ticket violations, property crimes (like swapping price tags within a retail establishment, or breaking and entering), drug possession charges, and other drug-related offenses including trafficking, transporting and manufacturing drugs. Also, simple possession of marijuana and other cannabis crimes. Financial crimes like embezzlement, money laundering, and expungement. The firm’s lawyers, including criminal defense attorney Larry Kohn and criminal defense lawyer Cory Yager, (who was a police officer for almost a decade). Between our three criminal law attorneys we share almost 90 years of combined legal experience and have collectively represented thousands of clients in felony or misdemeanor criminal cases in the Peach State. The DUI lawyers in Atlanta are trained at the most advanced level for topics pertaining to drunk driving arrests. Atlanta DUI lawyer Bubba Head (official name is William C. Head) is the best known criminal defense professional in the field of impaired driving defense. With meticulous attention to detail, they analyze every factor in each case from beginning to end, developing strategic defense strategies. In addition to top lawyer ratings, our three partners are all nationally-published legal book authors. The Kohn & Yager legal team of criminal law attorneys near me in Georgia provides knowledgeable and skilled representation, along with zealous advocacy on behalf of our clients, our legal warriors will pursue the best possible outcomes for the pending criminal charges against them. https://www.georgiacriminaldefense.com/

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