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What Exactly Is Bodybuilding?

The name really does say it all here: Bodybuilding is the act and practice of enhancing one's physical form. It's done through exercise, particularly weightlifting, and the growth and/or definition of muscles is a key point. "Bodybuilding itself is the process of enhancing the body's muscle and symmetry and the promotion of overall health and fitness," says Kollath, adding that bodybuilding as a competitive sport is "the pursuit of the 'ultimate' physique that is symmetrical from top to bottom. It is the sport of aesthetics." Walker notes that "resistance training and progressive overload are the primary keys to a successful training program."

How Does Your Diet Need to Change?

If you've ever worked on gaining muscle, Steroids for sale fast shipping or even if you've done long cardio sessions, you know that appetite and dietary needs change immensely when one exercises more. This is especially true for bodybuilding, as you can only achieve both the muscle growth and tone 

desired through sufficient nutrition intake.1

"Generally, you want your diet to be mostly whole, natural foods," says Kollath. "From there you want to make sure you know how much you're eating on average weekly, and your caloric maintenance (how many calories you can eat daily while maintaining your weight)." She notes that while bodybuilding, you'll want to "make sure you are consuming around 1 gram per lb. of body weight in protein. This will ensure adequate muscle growth and recovery from workouts. From there, you can manipulate your fats and carbs based on how you feel and/or look." Walker suggests consulting a dietitian, nutritionist, or fitness nutrition specialist.

Special Considerations for Those Assigned Female at Birth

There are concerns and considerations for people of all genders who decide to start bodybuilding. From workout injuries to obsessively over-exercising, there are risks for any person who decides to delve deep into fitness. For people who were assigned female at birth, there may be even more causes for concern.

There isn't a full consensus on exactly what those causes are. "Men and women can lift the same way," says Walker. However, Kollath informed us of a number of elevated risk factors for AFAB (assigned female at birth) people.

Loss of Monthly Cycle

Intense amounts of exercise can be an endocrine disruptor. In people who are of the age to get their periods, this can disrupt their monthly cycle.2 Kollath says to "be especially careful when dieting down to a very low caloric intake as well as a very low body fat percentage" because doing so "can cause a slew of hormone issues including the loss of a menstrual 

cycle (dysmenorrhea)."

To avoid this, she recommends bodybuilders who menstruate "make sure you have built up your caloric maintenance range to the high 2,000s—anywhere from 2,500-3,000 calories per day—to maintain weight," so you're more prepared for when you start cutting calories before competitions. 

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