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Design Your Own Mask: The Trendy Way To Personalize Your Face Masks

With recent events still requiring a face mask, everyone is burning through their supply of disposable masks. The one-time-use masks are generally made for doctors, physicians and patients to prevent transference of body fluids. If these masks' stocks keep diminishing, hospitals will keep running out of them and face crises during medical emergencies. To preserve medical masks for healthcare professionals and invalids, it is advised that civilians to wear reusable masks during their daily activities. Our collection of custom masks has quite a variety of styles and fabrics. One advantage of these masks is that you can choose your own mask design, either from the pre-designed templates or by uploading original artworks.

Advantages of Design Your Own Mask

You can wear your daily mood on your face. Custom face masks are a unique way to express yourself and your personality, perfect for parties, weddings, events or other special occasions. Wear your favorite sports team’s logo, your dream vacation spot, your favorite personalized masks, your favorite color, or any images you want to share with the world. They make great gifts, too, especially if you have your team or favorite superhero, or a famous image or person you'd like to emulate. If you're wearing a medical mask to protect against germs, a custom mask allows you to choose a design that makes your medical need more visible to others. This way, you won't be mistaken for someone who's trying to protect themselves from infection.

Types of Fabric to Choose From

These face masks are made from a variety of materials. Some of them are: - Polyester: The most versatile fabric, polyester has high tensile strength which can be stretched up to 50% of its original length and can be washed in a machine. It is also very breathable and wind resistant. - Spandex: It is a synthetic fiber that can easily be stretched. Spandex is the perfect fabric for masks since it can fit any face type. - Cotton: This is a soft fabric that gives a comfortable fit. It is also easy to clean and relatively inexpensive. - Nylon: This fabric is water-resistant and suitable for outdoor activities. - PVA: This mask is made of wood pulp and is biodegradable. - Silk: It is a very soft fabric that is comfortable to wear during any season. - Wool: It is a very warm fabric and is an ideal choice for cold weather. - Polypropylene: This fabric is suitable for sports and outdoor activities. - Polyethylene: This fabric is water-resistant and is an ideal fabric for a medical face mask.

Pre-Designed Templates

There's no need to get the whole fabric designing team when you can simply delightfully customize your mask fabric with our pre-designed templates. Our collection comes with a variety of designs and patterns, including floral, abstract, nature and geometric prints. If you want to create a more personalized look, you can upload your own design from our digital design software. If you are in a hurry, simply choose from our quick design templates such as heart logos, word art, or phrases.

Uploading Original Artworks

If you have your own artwork that you would like to be printed on your face mask, you can use our digital design software to upload and design it directly on your mask fabric. You can choose a fabric type and draw your artwork on it, or you can import an image from your computer and draw on that. This is an ideal choice for artists, crafters, and business owners looking for a unique mask design. It’s also great for birthdays, weddings, or any other special occasion when you want to give your guests a one-of-a-kind gift.

Designing with Text

If you want to create a more personalized look, you can also use text to design your face mask. You can choose from different fonts and font styles, and you can write anything you want on your mask fabric such as a special message, a name, a birthday greeting, or even your contact information such as your email address or website URL.

Benefits of Reusable Masks

Reusable masks can be worn over and over again. They are perfect for people who want to protect themselves from germs but don't want to wear a more obvious face mask such as an N95 mask, which is usually worn by personalized face masks who are sick and need to protect others from getting sick as well. Plus, reusable masks are more economical. In general, one-time-use masks are more expensive than reusable masks. While disposable masks are great for short-term use, they are not the best choice for daily activities. Reusable masks keep your face warm during cold weather and protect you against external irritants like dust, pollen, and pollution. They are also great for sports and outdoor activities such

How to Care for Reusable Masks

You can easily clean your reusable face mask with warm water and soap. If you are using a fabric mask, avoid using bleach since it may damage the fabric and make it lose its strength. Allow the mask to dry completely before you store it away. Store the mask in a dark and cool place to retain its quality. You can also use a mask storage bag that allows air circulation.


The benefits of wearing a face mask, whether it’s a disposable or reusable mask, are endless. There are many reasons why people wear face masks such as preventing the spread of germs, allergies, colds, or pollen to name a few. With all the options available, you can be sure to find a face mask that best fits your needs.

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