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Malaysia's Legal Landscape: Understanding Key Legislation for Businesses and Individuals


As a business or individual in Malaysia, it is important to have a good understanding of the country's key laws and regulations. These laws can impact a range of areas, including employment, contract negotiations, dispute resolution, and criminal proceedings. In this article, we will provide an overview of some of the most important pieces of legislation in Malaysia, including the companies act 2016, employment act 1955, Labour Law, Rules of Court 2012, Federal Constitution, Contract Act 1950, Evidence Act 1950, CIPAA, Criminal Procedure Code, and Arbitration Act 2005.

  1. Companies Act 2016

The Companies Act 2016 is a major piece of legislation that governs the incorporation and management of companies in Malaysia. It provides a comprehensive framework for the incorporation, registration, and management of companies, as well as the duties and responsibilities of directors and other key stakeholders. The Act also establishes a range of requirements for the preparation of financial statements, the holding of annual general meetings, and the conduct of company affairs.

  1. Employment Act 1955

The Employment Act 1955 is a key piece of legislation that governs the rights and obligations of employees and employers in Malaysia. The Act establishes minimum standards for employment, including working hours, leave entitlements, and severance pay. It also sets out the procedures for resolving disputes between employees and employers, and provides protection for employees against discriminatory or unfair treatment by their employer.

  1. Labour Law

Labour law in Malaysia is a complex and evolving area, with a range of legislation covering various aspects of employment and labour relations. Some key pieces of legislation in this area include the Industrial Relations Act 1967, the Employment Insurance System Act 2017, and the Social Security Act 1969. These laws set out the rights and obligations of employees and employers, as well as the procedures for resolving disputes and enforcing labour standards.

  1. Rules of Court 2012

The Rules of Court 2012 is a key piece of legislation that governs the administration of justice in Malaysia. The Act sets out the procedures for civil and criminal proceedings, including the filing of claims, the serving of summons, and the conducting of trials. It also establishes the rules for the admission of evidence, the examination of witnesses, and the making of judgments.

  1. Federal Constitution

The Federal Constitution is the supreme law of Malaysia, and sets out the framework for the country's government and legal system. The Constitution provides for the protection of fundamental liberties, such as freedom of speech, religion, and assembly, and sets out the powers and responsibilities of the various branches of government, including the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.

  1. Contract Act 1950

The Contract Act 1950 governs the formation, performance, and termination of contracts in Malaysia. The Act sets out the requirements for the formation of a valid contract, including offer and acceptance, consideration, and capacity to contract. It also provides for the enforcement of contracts, the remedies available in the event of a breach, and the rules for terminating contracts.

  1. Evidence Act 1950

The Evidence Act 1950 governs the admissibility of evidence in legal proceedings in Malaysia. The Act sets out the rules for the admission of evidence, the examination of witnesses, and the drawing of inferences from the evidence presented. It also provides for the exclusion of evidence that is irrelevant, inadmissible, or prejudicial to the interests of justice.

8.Criminal Procedure Code

Another important area of law in Malaysia is criminal law, which is governed by the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC). The CPC sets out the procedural rules for the investigation and trial of criminal cases in Malaysia, making it an essential reference for criminal lawyers, prosecutors, and judges. Our bookstore offers a wide range of books on criminal law and the CPC, covering everything from the basics of criminal law to the latest legal developments.


Arbitration is another critical area of law in Malaysia and is regulated by the Arbitration Act 2005. This act provides the legal framework for resolving disputes through arbitration in Malaysia, making it an essential reference for lawyers, arbitrators, and anyone involved in dispute resolution. Joshua Legal Art Gallery offers a comprehensive range of books on arbitration, including the latest updates and changes to the Arbitration Act 2005.


In conclusion, Joshua Legal Art Gallery is Malaysia's largest law bookstore, offering a wide range of law books, legal accessories, student law books, eBooks, and more. Our commitment to providing the latest legal developments and easy access to law books makes us the ideal choice for anyone looking for reliable and up-to-date legal publications. Whether you are a student, lawyer, or someone working in the legal sector, we have everything you need to stay informed and knowledgeable about the latest legal developments. Visit our website today and explore our extensive range of law books and legal accessories, and take advantage of our free shipping across Malaysia and Singapore.

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