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"aldar properties" (2023-02-22)

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Aldar Properties in Abu Dhabi - PSI

aldar properties   proudly presents its newest development venture in Abu Dhabi - psinv.net  Aldar Properties in Abu Dhabi PSI projects Sky Tower, The Gate Tower 1, Sun Tower, Meera Tower, The Arc Tower, The Bridges, Boardwalk Residence and Reflection.

This tranquil and serene development offers premium quality urban living at an incredible value for all. Designed to meet the most discerning tastes of today's residential buyers, psinv.net features cutting edge construction technology and superb finishes that ensure ease of living and beautiful surroundings. Surrounded by greenery and recreation areas, these properties are perfect for everyday living or weekends away. Come join the community today!

Psi Properties has become an investment powerhouse over the past few years - Aldar Properties in Abu Dhabi being one of the most well-known names on the scene. They've been involved in a range of projects across the GCC, but Abu Dhabi is undoubtedly where their focus lies.


 One of the latest projects from Aldar Properties in Abu Dhabi is Aldar Properties in Abu Dhabi PSI projects Sky Tower, The Gate Tower 1, Sun Tower, Meera Tower, The Arc Tower, The Bridges, Boardwalk Residence, Reflection, Al Qurm View.


 Each project is unique and offers its own set of benefits and challenges - it's important to consider all aspects before investing. If you're looking to invest in a property portfolio in Abu Dhabi that will deliver consistent growth over time, then look no further than Aldar Properties.

Are you looking for an eco-friendly property investment in Abu Dhabi?

Aldar Properties has you covered! With a diverse portfolio of sustainable and high-quality developments in Abu Dhabi, Aldar Properties is sure to exceed your expectations.


Aldar Properties is a leading player in the environmentally friendly real estate sector. It was founded in 2007 by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai. Aldar Properties specializes in multifamily and mixed-use developments, with a focus on LEED certified green buildings.


Through its projects, Aldar Properties demonstrates its commitment to reducing environmental impact, while at the same time providing quality homes and amenities for residents. In addition to being environmentally friendly, all of Aldar Properties' developments are designed to meet contemporary urban needs.


 If you're looking for an eco-friendly property investment in Abu Dhabi, Aldar Properties is the perfect choice! With a wide range of high-quality developments, Aldar Properties is sure to please even the most discerning investor.

With Aldar Properties, you're getting a unique and stunning property proposition in Abu Dhabi. PSI stands for premier site, shared investment, and it's the perfect way to get started in the city. The Aldar Properties projects Sky Tower, The Gate Tower 1, Sun Tower, Meera Tower, The Arc Tower, The Bridges, Boardwalk Residence, Reflection and Al Qurm View are all located within walking distance of each other. If you're looking for an impressive investment opportunity and want to live in an awe-inspiring cityscape, then you need to invest in the Aldar Properties projects.

Are you looking for a prestigious property that can accommodate your lifestyle needs?

Aldar Properties has got you covered. Based in Abu Dhabi, the company offers properties ranging from luxury apartments to villas. With locations all over the UAE, their portfolio provides an exquisite selection of options for all sorts of individuals and families.

 Aldar Properties was founded by Mohammad Aldar Al Khamis in 2001. Prior to founding Aldar, Mohammad had worked as a real estate developer and broker. After years of experience in the industry, he set out to develop a dealership that would offer outstanding customer service and innovative projects. Today, Aldar manages a portfolio of properties across the UAE and is well known in both the local and international circles.


If you're searching for an innovative property solution that can accommodate your every need, Aldar Properties should be at the top of your list. With luxurious apartments and villas that defy common design standards, this company has something for everyone. From top-notch customer service to stunning scenery, Aldar Properties sets the standard for excellence across the UAE property market.

Construction is underway on Aldar Properties’ latest development in Abu Dhabi - PSI. The 168-acre mixed-use project will include a mix of office, residential, retail and leisure spaces.


aldar  Properties CEO Mohammed bin Mohammad Al Gergawi said: "PSI is our biggest development to date and we are excited to finalise all the contracts and begin construction on this new landmark development. Our Zaragoza Street site has huge potential for growth, and we aim to make it one of Abu Dhabi's most popular destinations."


 PSI is located just minutes from downtown Abu Dhabi and boasts world-class facilities including a health club, cinemas, restaurants and bars. It also features an elaborate water park and recreation area, as well as an urban forest that will offer residents a range of amenity experiences.

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