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"Postegro" (2023-03-06)

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Postegro LiLi & Web - instagram Gizli Profilleri Gör

How Does Postegro Work?

The Postegro application, which has recently attracted attention with its ability to quickly view hidden accounts, is wondered by many. Especially how the application works and whether it is reliable is one of the most curious subjects.

So how does Postegro work and is Postegro safe?

  • To see Postegro Lili hidden instagram profiles, you just need to search for the username.

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  • Postegro Lili See followed profiles.

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  • Postegro Instagram Private Account Seeing

Postegro is a third party application developed by LiLi Technologies. 

Thanks to this application that only works on Instagram, you can view hidden accounts that you do not follow and browse all their posts. 

Using Postegro you can view everything that private accounts share such as posts, stories, reels, stable stories. In addition, thanks to the application, you can watch the stories of the accounts you follow or the secret accounts that you do not follow. Apart from this, you can download all the content shared by private accounts via the application to your device.

How Does Postegro Work?

The way Postegro works is actually quite simple. We can actually think of Postegro as a database. Since you need to log in to your own account to download the application, the accounts of the people who downloaded the application before are saved in this database. Your account can be viewed by Postegro as long as it is registered in the database. Therefore, another user who downloads the application can search the accounts in Postegro's database and view those accounts without following them. Of course, you can view accounts that do not use Postegro in the Postegro application. Well, if you ask how this happens, it is as follows: Many Instagram users, follower increase, bot likes and so on. They register their accounts to databases on those sites by using services such as In the postegro,

Is Postegro Safe?

As we explained above, web Postegro is not a very secure application. It would be better not to use it as it can do things like view and show your account without permission. 

Since you provide your account information when you log in to the application, the security of your account will always be in danger. 

If you say that you must enter, you can use private accounts at this stage, but remember that such applications also have access to your phone other than your account. Even if you use a private profile, you can lose your phone's private data to such third-party apps.

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