Pesca comercial en el río Paraná (Corrientes, Argentina) durante el período 1985-1988


  • Marta B. Canón Verón Centro de Ecología Aplicada del Litoral


The Pararía river, dowstream fron Apipe-Yacíreta dam, is inhabited by almost 217 species, but only 17 species are used for comiere i al purpose. This paper brings about the Information based on the catch dynamic of comercial fisheries at Puerto Italia (Corrientes). Sampling were carried out weekly since May 1985 to May 1988. Relative frequency, size and total weight were recorded in each sampling operation. Estimates in fishing supply inportant fluctuación within the same and among different year were founded in relation with the river hydrologic regime with major availability in higher water sometime (December to February). Pseudoplatystama coruscare and Luciopimelodus peti, represented the 80% of the total annual biomass being also important because of the relative frequeney in the fishing supply. Fishing dymanic information could be for the improveaient of the fisheries and for adjust of catch valúes in very open riverine system.




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Canón Verón, M. B. (2023). Pesca comercial en el río Paraná (Corrientes, Argentina) durante el período 1985-1988. Ambiente Subtropical, (2), 103–123. Recuperado a partir de