La pesca comercial en el río Paraná (Chaco, Argentina)


  • Marta B. Canón Verón Centro de Ecología Aplicada del Litoral


The Paraná's fish community at 27°30'S; 58°50'W is diverse but the commercial fisheries include aproximately a round to dozen species. Information on total catch by landing, number of small boat, fishermen, gillnets (mellón) used, fish size, sex and maturity is provided. The total catch for the period August 1990-August 1991 is about 11 tn. This is lower than potencial catch estimated of 400 tn/year. Pseudoplatystcaa coruscans and Luciopimelodus pati are the most important species, representing 90% of biomass. Estimates fishing supply important fluctuation during the year in relation to the hydrological variations of the river being abundant between December and July.




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