Sinopsis ecológica y estado actual del Chaco Oriental


  • Juan J. Neiff Centro de Ecología Aplicada del Litoral


The Eastem Chaco landscape comprises the autochthonous flatland basin of the chaquean región. This subtropical area (82,700 km2), where rivers with seasonal regime are frequent, have streams with autumnal floods and dry periods at the end of the winter.

The rainfall distribution in these subtropical flatplains is the most important cause of the "continuum” vegetation with the cattail-swamps and mixed-woods in both gradient's ends. This landscape continuity is the same as that of the river basins in the Eastern Chaco. This continuity is given from headwaters to mouth in their bio-physical environments with a widespread water changes in their chemical, physical and biotic features even in spatial and temporal series.

Climatic, hydrologic, physiographic, limnologic, vegetation and other features, are discussed and some considerations on the rational management of the ecosystems, are made.

The purpose of this paper is to emphasize in the ecological value of the flatland basins as descriptors of the landscape dynamics in a regional limnological approach.




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