Los bosques fluviales del Chaco Oriental: Primera aproximación


  • Héctor J. Reboratti Centro de Ecología Aplicada del Litoral
  • Juan J. Neiff Centro de Ecología Aplicada del Litoral


The structure and distribution of the gallery forests from the Eastern Chaco and their economical possibilities, are studied. It was analized using the Quarter Method (Cottan and Curtis, 1956) in 316 samples.

The entire clear bole, diameters, coverage, stratification, total tree-heights and the present species in each stand, were measured.

Transgressive species from river habitats and the Chaco landscapes, were identified.

Difameters variability and heights, are characteristic of these irreguiar forests. Differences among the present stands due to many factors, were verified: stripping, presence of animáis, frequence and intensity of floods. This fact less affects the protection function of the margins, but it does with the availability of merchandable lumber resources.

The application of management techniques would allow to better the quali and quantitative possibilities of the forest utilization.




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Reboratti, H. J., & Neiff, J. J. (2023). Los bosques fluviales del Chaco Oriental: Primera aproximación. Ambiente Subtropical, (1), 36–46. Recuperado a partir de https://revistas.unne.edu.ar/index.php/sub/article/view/7168