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Serum enzymatic activities in captive northeastern–Argentina caymen (Crocodylia: Crocodylidae)

N. B. Coppo, J. A. Coppo, N. N. Barboza, W. S. Prado
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The aim of the study was to obtain reference values for some clinically useful enzymatic
activities in serum of captive northeastern–Argentina caymen. Two hundred and twenty–
three samples from Caiman latirostris (n = 109) and Caiman yacare (n = 114), both sexes
sub–adults specimens (2–7 kg liveweight and 80–130 cm total longitude), were analyzed. Serum
activities from ALP (55.1±7.4 IU/l), ALT (14.7±3.1 IU/l), AST (64.0±11.3 IU/l), GGT
(8.9±1.6 IU/l), CPK (154±27 IU/l), LDH (353±67 IU/l) and CHE (359±70 IU/l), were determined
by spectrophotometry. Significant physiological differences (p < 0.05) among species,
sexes, ages and year season, were verified. As age advanced, ALP decrease was registered,
which is explained by the osseous development decline. At the same time, AST, CPK, LDH
and CHE progressively increased; this change is attributed to muscular masses ontogenic
increase. Winter decreases of enzymatic values are imputed to metabolic fall caused by alimentary
restriction. Obtained values can be useful for illnesses diagnosis and for metabolic
and nutritional control of caymen.

Palabras clave

Caiman latirostris; Caiman yacare; serum enzymes; reference interval; physiological variations.