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Prevalence of Paramphistomum cervi in different sheep breeds of Balochistan (Pakistan)

S. Tehmina, R. Shahina, A. Razzaq, I. B. Marghazani, A. N. Khosa
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The prevalence of Paramphistomum cervi infestation in Balochi, Babrik and Harnai sheep breeds from Balochistan (Pakistan) was studied during September to December 2010. For this purpose, rumen of slaughtered sheep in Quetta City and surroundings (n=1,200) were examined. Results showed significant differences (p<0.05) among age, sex, breed and season of P. cervi infestation in animals. The overall P. cervi infestation (17.83%) was recorded in animals during the study period. Considering age, a higher prevalence (p<0.05) of infestation (23.5%) was observed in animals older than two years-old. On the contrary, lower parasitation (p<0.05, 16.66%) was detected in less than one year-old group. Regarding sex, females (22.33%) were found to be more infested (p<0.05) than males (17.83%). The Balochi and Harnai sheeps showed higher prevalence of infestation (p<0.05) compared to Babrik sheeps. Considering the season of the year, P. cervi prevalence was the highest (p<0.05, 19.25%) during October, followed by November (15.75%), September (12.75%) and December (12.5%).

Palabras clave

Paramphistomum cervi; prevalence; infestation; sheep; Pakistan.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30972/vet.251542