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Neutralization of the hemorrhagic and edema–forming activities from venom of Bothrops alternatus offsprings from Argentina

P. A. Zeinsteger, S. L. Maruñak, O. Acosta de Pérez
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Tests of neutralization of hemorrhagic and edema–forming activities from the venom of Bothrops alternatus (víbora de la cruz) one month–old offsprings were performed using a bivalent antivenom, produced by Laboratorio Central de Salud Pública in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. We determined that 172 µl of the antivenom neutralize 50 % of the hemorrhagic activity, induced by 9 µg of the venom (challenge dose). Neutralization of edema–forming activity was more effective when the antivenom was administered previous to the venom. We conclude that the antivenom neutralizes the studied toxic activities, taking into account that for its production horses are immunized using venom from adult snakes.

Palabras clave

Bothrops alternatus; neutralization; hemorrhagic activity; edema–forming activity.