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Soybean as supplement of growing cattle on tropical pasture: effects on intake, digestibility and animal performance

O. Balbuena, D. Rochinotti, C. D. Kucseva, A. L. Slanac, H. Kudo
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An indoor trial was conducted with weaning heif­ers (experiment 1). Raw whole soybean (RSB), whole soybean heated with steam (SHSB) and extruded whole soybean (EXSB) were given as supplements at 0.7% of live weight (LW). One group was the control, with no supplement. All supplements increased total dry matter (DM) intake and did not affect hay intake. RSB was the most degradable crude protein (CP) source. Total digestive tract digestibility was not affected by treatments, except for apparent CP digestibility. Because total DM intake increased in supplemented animals, all supple­ments increased intake of digestible DM, organic matter (OM) and CP over the control. In another assay (experiment 2) a performance trial was conducted with forty weaned heifers. The same supplements used in experiment 1 were used. Heifers supplemented with EXSB gained the highest and had better apparent feed efficiency. Apparent feed efficiency was similar to those observed in protein supplementation, suggesting that some increase in DM intake from pasture may have occurred. RSB had the poorest apparent feed efficiency which agreed with the numerical lower OM intake observed in experiment 1. All supplemented heifers had higher gain, hip height change, thoracic perimeter and body condition score change than the control group.

Palabras clave

beef cattle; supplemental feed; soybean; winter feeding.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30972/vet.2311800